Known as the ‘Mother of Modern Dogri Language’, Padma Sachdev is the first modern woman poet of Dogri language (she also writes in Hindi). She has published several poetry collections that include ‘Meri Kavita Mere Geet’ that brought her the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1971. She is also the recipient of Padma Shri (2001) from the Government of India and Kabir Samman for poetry (2007-08) from the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Her acclaimed works include ‘Tavi Te Chanhan’ (Rivers Tavi and Chenab, 1976), ‘Nheriyan Galiyan’ (Dark Lanes, 1982), ‘Pota Pota Nimbal’ (Fingertipful Cloudless Sky, 1987), ‘Uttar Vahini’ (1992) and ‘Tainthian’ (1992). She wrote the lyrics of the song ‘Mera chhota sa ghar baar’ from the 1973 Hindi film by Ved Rahi “Prem Parbat” which had music by Jaidev. Thereafter, she wrote the lyrics of two songs of the 1978 Hindi film “Aankhin Dekhi”, which had music by J.P. Kaushik including the famous duet “Sona re, tujhe kaise miloo” sung by Mohd Rafi and Sulakshana Pandit. She also wrote the lyrics along with Yogesh for the 1979 Hindi film “Saahas”, which had music by Ameen Sangeet.

Hindi poetess-lyricist Padma Sachdev shared close ties with Lata Mangeshkar and has written a book ‘Aisa Kahan Se Laaoon’ reminiscing about this melody queen. Veteran Hindi and Dogri writer Padma Sachdev was in fact the first person to request Lata Mangeshkar to record Dogri songs ‘Bhalla Sipahiya Dogariya’, amongst others, in her voice to bring Dogri to the centre stage.