A Timeless Interpretation Of Classical Stories Through Kathak Dance
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We are a Melbourne based dance company. Our passion is to build a bond with the centuries old tradition of story-telling through Kathak dance. We specialise in multimodal and theatrical dance interpretations of literary pieces from all cultures and bring them to life on stage with the accompaniment of Indian and western classical melodies.

Kathak, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Katha’ (story) is one of the eight major classical dance forms originating from India. The earliest reference to this dance can be found in the 4th century BC. Rhythmic cycles and complex footwork combine with graceful pirouettes to express a beautiful story.

We offer dance classes and are available to collaborate for operatic dance and other stage performances, seminars or workshops, lecture demonstrations, intellectual forums, and performances at film, music and dance festivals. We are enthusiastic to promote Indian culture in its diverse ways. Through our work we seek to bring unity through creation and in doing so reflect the uniqueness of multiculturalism. We believe in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – the world is one family.

You can expect virtuosic performances that you will be tapping your feet to!