The Life Of The Story

We excel in the techniques of Kathak. We provide professional training to beginners and also Kathak trainees who have already surpassed the novice stage. Classes are available for all age groups. Teaching is tailored to the needs and level of the individual person. Depending on your previous experience in dance, training can be refined. The creative yet sequential movements of “Nritta ang” (technical part) will be combined with the expressions and intricate movements from “Abhinaya ang” (expressions part).

Through continuous learning, you will be:

  • Exploring the movements and stillness in Kathak while understanding the sensitivity behind each movement
  • Learning rhythmic patterns, practice vocalization and movement vocabulary
  • Learning the history, philosophy and theoretical aspects of Kathak
  • Exploring Emotional Expressivity through “Navrasas” (moods) reflecting the complete essence of life
  • Exploring all aspects of Kathak including intense footwork, body postures, movement and pirouettes

At each step you will be encouraged to use your own creativity to beautify and individualise your own dance.

Kathak classes are conducted by Sanchita Abrol.

Novice stage

Newcomers are welcome to join our novice stage classes. These are designed for those who are exploring the world of dance for the first time. You will be introduced to the rhythmic structures of Kathak and the movement vocabulary. The technical movements of “Nritta ang” and the elements of “Abhinaya ang” will be introduced.

Intermediate Stage

This stage is designed for people with past experience in Kathak or any other form of Indian classical dance. You will receive in depth training in movement, body postures, and pirouettes. You will be exploring the “Navrasas” (moods) and the extensive footwork of  Kathak. You will be learning all the theoretical elements unique to Kathak. This in-depth training will prepare you for your ‘Rang Manch Pravesh’ (Graduation). Those who have mastered all aspects of Kathak will be offered the opportunity to complete a Rang Manch Pravesh.

Repertoire – Professionals Ready To Perform

This stage is for people with advanced training in Kathak. Here we will equip you with professional choreography skills to enable you to narrate your own stories through Kathak. You will be given opportunities to perform group choreographies with the repertoire group.

Skype classes are also available. Please contact for more information.

Learning Based On Classical Sources